Reopening Plan

We will be reopening on August 31, 2020 for small group instruction with the following safety protocols in place.

CJBCP Repening Plan after COVID-19

Policy Highlights


Our program will be limited to 15 total participants (students and teachers) at our reopening. Morning questionnaires will be completed and daily temperature checks will be taken before admission into our program. Visitors will be limited (including parents and specialists) and will be greeted outside the school. All students, teachers and family members will stay away from the school when ill, and until fever-free without the use of medication for 24 hours.

Health & Safety

Masks will be worn by students and teachers indoors and outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. Circle Time will be held outdoors or in the social hall rather than in the classroom. Individual toys and supplies will be used, and non-individualized toys will be sanitized between student use. Frequent handwashing, an extensive cleaning program, disinfecting surfaces throughout the day, and maintaining six feet of physical distancing will be among our best practices.

Best Health Practices

We are trusting our families to practice best health practices at all times to minimize risk of exposure to COVID-19, and to protect our teachers and school community. This includes proper mask-wearing when unable to maintain 6′ of physical distancing, and limiting large group social gatherings and indoor activities in accordance with county recommendations at any time. A traveler’s quarantine for travel beyond 300 miles, or by certain modes of transport may be required.


Honest and complete daily communication between home and school is essential for the safety of our entire school community. Reporting of illness, symptoms, possible exposure to COVID-19, and positive cases will be done in a timely and confidential manner, so that we can act appropriately to ensure the continued health and safety of our members. Cooperation with local health department officials for notification, contact tracing, and testing must be agreed upon by all.