Our Mission

The most important goal in our curriculum is to foster a positive feeling in the child about him- or herself, the school, and the world!



  • The child is good and is naturally impelled to grow, to develop, and to learn.
  • The child’s way of learning is through play and activity, through direct experience and experimentation.
  • The child’s interests and abilities should be nurtured and stimulated by offering a variety of activities.
  • The child also needs structure, routine, and limits in order to feel secure.
  • Each child has a unique contribution to make to the group. Individual differences should be recognized and valued.
  • The teacher’s role is to give guidance, enrichment, encouragement, and a feeling of security and worth to all who participate in the program.


  • The child will be better able to work with other children and adults, taking turns, sharing toys, listening to others.
  • The child will grow in his/her ability to empathize and to respect the rights of others.
  • The child will grow in his/her ability—physically, artistically, and verbally—to express him- or herself.
  • The child will have had experiences with media and tools requiring small muscle control.
  • The child will have had opportunities to use large muscles both inside and outside the classroom.
  • The child will approach difficult situations with a problem-solving attitude.
  • The child’s readiness for reading will have been encouraged through listening to stories and picking his/her own books at the library each week.
  • The child’s readiness for math will have been encouraged by activities involving counting, the calendar, time, money, etc.
  • The child will be more actively acquainted with the community through field trips and holiday activities.
  • The child will have had activities to encourage him/her to explore and protect his/her environment: water, air, sun, earth, fire, and all living things.
  • The child’s awareness of street safety will be heightened with safety lessons each day the class walks to the park.